Botox Most Common Reasons for Use

Created by Allergen, Botox serves many different functions to correct wrinkles and give patients a much younger look. There’s a common misconception that only women use this treatment. There are many uses for men as well. Doctors have seen a recent influx in male patients calling to make appointments for injections.

A Societal View

In the past, wrinkles were not just a sign of aging, but also maturity and wisdom. This brought respect to our elders. Unfortunately those ideals have gone by the wayside. Although these traits have been cherished in the past, society wants younger looking professionals to head businesses and other entities.

Recent Botox History

The injection to decrease the wrinkles on the face has been around since the mid 1990’s. However, it wasn’t until the Food and Drug Administration approved the use of the treatment to reduce the frown lines that form between the eyebrows. From 2001 to 2007 the number of injections nearly tripled in men with overall treatment increasing five-fold.

Other Options

Despite the drastic upsurge in male patients, injections for men still aren’t a mainstream idea. A new alternative, Reloxin, will soon be on the market offering the same effects. Botox is simply a brand name for the botulinum toxin. Until Reloxin is released, Botox will hold a monopoly in this industry. Due to this release, Allergen is marketing more toward men to expand their market segment.

Most Common Reasons for Use

There are many different reasons droves of men have decided to undergo this injection. Some of the most common are to have better looks and less noticeable aging for social and romantic encounters. Another reason is to fulfill their wives’ requests for this procedure. Finally, the most important cause is to remain competitive in the workplace. This is especially vital in the finance and business fields.

Although the pressures for women to look younger and remain attractive are much greater, when the economy starts to fall and mass layoffs occur, male job-seekers will do anything to remain competitive. When hiring, managers have a tendency to look for youth with relates to enthusiasm and thus fresh ideas.

Medical Differences

There is a slight difference in the dosage between men and women. The outcome is the same; wrinkles are reduced due to the paralysis of the facial muscles thus locking them into place. Men tend to have much thicker skin and stronger face muscles than women. As a result it takes a much higher dosage to acquire the desired effects.

The injections have proven to be successful in both men and women. Each desire a more youthful look to acquire a job, look better in social and romantic situations or conform to rigid societal standards. Whatever the reason, a large influx in the number of male patients receiving this injection is making it a more mainstream occurrence.

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