Various wordpress themes for photos

Photography WordPress template is a great asset for photographers. It allows you to create a nice gallery for your website. This can help pull in new clients if you are a freelance photographer or a photography shooting agency.

Using WordPress allows you to login to the CMS system to upload photos easily through your computer. Next, you just have to choose the category your want and publish it. It is a cost effective solution to create a dynamic photography website without hiring a programmer. A very good choice for photographers who have no web knowledge.

Features Checklist:

Auto Thumbnail Resizing – Auto resizing of photos saves you time as the system can automatically generate thumbnails for you

Photocraft is a premium wordpress template that is suitable for images and presentation of services of a website. Employing this premium theme can assure you of turning your pages into a showcase of different facets of imagery and style. You can never go wrong once you chose the site to yourself.

WordPress Landing Page Themes, Pre-Launch, Squeeze and Capture Pages

This wordpress theme can captivate every onlooker with its simple yet appealing portfolio set up. Envisioned Photography gives everyone the opportunity to make multimedia galleries within the pages. With that, one can create dynamic spectrum of professional galleries that are featured in the template, which allows for a vivid makeup of patterns and lines in the website.

This Photography wordpress theme may be tagged as the most popular among the array of premium wordpress themes today. Photocrati embarks several variations of themes and preset looks from nowhere. When used as a theme, you can actually realize the brilliance in its control panels which gives you more power over the template. With Photocrati, you can have the luxury in maximizing your creativity in some clicks away.