The Natural Tones and Textures Of Real Wood Blinds

Ready made Wooden blinds are very affordable and functional, with a vast selection of woods with various textures and designs. They offer protection from the sunlight and create a warmth to the room when the louvers are tilted. Subtle diffused lighting effects can be created with any style of wooden blinds making them practical and versatile in many different settings.

White oak blinds are among the palest of the natural real wood blinds which compliment both modern and traditional styles of home. Their natural pale colour with variations of darker stripes running through the wood provide a cool, chic appearance. As with all wooden blinds they are durable, efficient and very easy to operate.

Best Blinds and Curtains:

Golden Oak Venetian wood blinds have a timeless quality and appearance which compliment a wide variety of different interior design styles and colour themes. They look equally elegant for use in lounges and dining rooms, affording privacy when the louvers are tilted and are ideal for helping to prevent the sun from fading wooden floors and furniture.

Wooden vertical blinds offer a functional and practical dressing for patio doors. Some ready made wooden blinds are treated with acrylic lacquer to make them scratch resistant which is ideal for blinds which will be fully opened frequently. There are designs available which have different stacking options for the louvers which provide practical functionality.

Wood weave blinds are available which are made from veneers of natural woods and reeds which are woven together in different combinations. The natural difference in the tones and patterns of the veneers makes each blind uniquely beautiful. Wood weave blinds are made in two styles of blinds, a roller style and Roman blinds making them ideal in a modern setting.

Modern design ideas also includes the use of wooden blinds which have a colour tint or are painted, which provides the elegance of a wooden blind which will compliment and coordinate with any colour of décor and furnishings.

A wooden blind made from textured walnut provides a darker colour blind which shows the beautiful, natural grain patterns of the wood very effectively. This colour blends elegantly with any style of home and looks equally stylish in an executive office.

Luxury wooden blinds are available in a variety of different styles, colours and woods. The wood used to make luxury blinds are usually treated to prevent them from fading and also makes them moisture resistant, an additional lacquer coating makes them fire retardant.

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